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At Marin Pool Construction Services, we believe every home deserves a personal oasis that reflects the dreams and desires of its owners. With over two decades of expertise in crafting bespoke pools, our mission is to transform your backyard into a sanctuary of relaxation and joy. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and personalized approach set us apart in the journey of bringing your dream pool to life.

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Why Choose Marin Pool Construction Services?

Expertise & Experience

At Marin Pool Service, our team comprises industry veterans with profound knowledge of pool construction. From historical Grecian baths to the latest in pebble finishes, we bring a wealth of understanding and skill to each project.

Customized Design

Your vision is unique, and so should be your pool. We specialize in tailor-made designs that harmonize with your lifestyle and landscape, ensuring your new pool is as unique as you are.

Quality Construction

We utilize only the finest materials and cutting-edge techniques. Whether it’s durable gunite for structural integrity or elegant pebble finishes for aesthetics, we guarantee a pool that stands the test of time.

Comprehensive Service

From initial design consultation to post-construction maintenance, we offer a full spectrum of services to make the process seamless and enjoyable. Our dedication to your satisfaction extends well beyond the completion of your pool.

Transparent Communication

We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. Our commitment to clear, open communication ensures that your project progresses smoothly, with your input valued and your questions answered promptly.

Reputation & Reliability

With numerous successful projects in our portfolio, our reputation speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on reliability and the trust we’ve built within the community, aiming to exceed expectations in every project we undertake.

The Pool Construction Process Explained

Marin Pool Construction Services - initial dig of the area

Designing Your Dream Pool: Our journey begins with understanding your vision. Our design consultation ensures we capture every nuance of what you envision your pool to be. Using state-of-the-art design software and drawing from years of experience, we create a pool design that complements your landscape, meets your functional needs, and fits your aesthetic desires.

Site Evaluation & Preparation: Before any construction begins, our experts conduct a thorough site evaluation to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your space. We consider soil conditions, accessibility, and local regulations to ensure a smooth construction process. This phase is crucial for tailoring the construction plan to your specific site, ensuring efficiency, and minimizing unforeseen issues.

Permitting & Compliance: Navigating the legal landscape is part of our expertise. We manage all necessary permits and ensure that every aspect of the construction complies with local regulations and safety standards. This meticulous attention to legal details ensures your pool project progresses without delays or legal complications.

Construction Milestones

  • Step #1 Excavation: The first physical step in pool construction is excavating the site. This phase is executed with precision, following the agreed-upon design specifications closely.

  • Step #2 Plumbing & Electrical: Next, we lay the foundation for the pool’s circulation system and electrical wiring. This infrastructure, including filtration, heating, and lighting systems, is crucial for the pool’s functionality.

  • Step #3 Gunite Application: We form the pool shell using gunite, a highly durable material. This pneumatically applied concrete forms the strong structural base of your pool, guaranteeing longevity.

  • Step #4 Tiling & Coping: After the gunite shell is cured, we proceed with tiling and coping, adding aesthetic elements to your pool’s design. Whether it’s waterline tiles, mosaics, or coping stones, this phase brings your pool’s appearance to life.

  • Step #5 Finishing Touches: The final phase includes plastering, landscaping, and installing any additional features like waterfalls or lighting. We ensure every detail aligns with the project’s vision, transforming your backyard into the personal oasis you dreamed of.

New Pool Construction Finishing Options

Plaster: Traditional and timeless, plaster offers a smooth finish in various colors to complement your pool design.

Pebble Finishes: For a natural and durable option, pebble finishes provide a unique aesthetic with added texture and color variety.

Tile: Glass and ceramic tiles offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing for personal touches and intricate designs.

Choosing the Right Finish: Our experts will guide you through selecting the best finish for your pool, considering durability, maintenance, and aesthetic preferences. Each option offers unique benefits, and we’re here to ensure your choice aligns with your vision and lifestyle needs.

Our comprehensive approach to pool construction ensures that every project is a reflection of our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From the initial design to the finishing touches, Marin Pool Service is dedicated to bringing your dream pool to life with expertise, precision, and care.

Post-Construction Support: Once construction is complete, we don’t just hand over the keys. Our post-construction support includes thorough cleaning, chemical balancing, and a comprehensive tutorial on pool operation and maintenance. We ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to enjoy your new pool to the fullest.

Planning Your Pool Construction Investment

Cost and Understanding Your Investment

Building a dream pool is a significant investment in your home’s value and your family’s quality of life. Marin Pool Service is committed to providing transparency and clarity around every aspect of pool construction costs. The total investment is influenced by several factors:

  • Design Complexity: The intricacies of your pool’s design, including any custom features like waterfalls or unique shapes, can affect the overall cost.
  • Materials: The selection of materials for the pool shell, decking, and finishes impacts the price. Options range from standard plasters to luxurious pebble finishes.
  • Size and Depth: The dimensions and depth of your pool dictate the volume of materials and labor required, influencing the cost.
  • Equipment and Features: High-quality, energy-efficient equipment and additional features like lighting, automation systems, and safety covers come at various price points.
  • Landscaping and Extras: Integrating the pool with landscaping, outdoor kitchens, or fire pits completes your backyard oasis but will add to the overall budget.

While Marin Pool Service currently does not offer direct financing options, we are dedicated to helping you plan your pool project within your budget. We recommend consulting with financial institutions or exploring home equity loans and lines of credit as potential avenues for financing your pool construction. Our team is here to provide detailed estimates and work with you to adjust the project scope to meet your financial goals.

Contact us for a personalized consultation. Let’s explore how we can bring your vision to life in a way that aligns with your financial planning. Our goal is to ensure that the process of adding a pool to your home is as smooth and transparent as possible, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment and lifestyle benefits it will bring.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding New Pool Construction

How long does the pool construction process take from start to finish?

The timeline varies based on the complexity of the design, site conditions, and permit acquisition, but on average, pool construction takes 8 to 12 weeks after permits are approved.

Yes, we specialize in custom designs that can fit various spaces. Our team can evaluate your site and suggest options that maximize your available space.

Gunite pools are renowned for their durability and flexibility in design. We also offer a range of finishes, including plaster and Pebble Tec, for longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Costs vary widely depending on size, materials, design complexity, and additional features. We provide detailed estimates based on your design preferences and site requirements.

Yes, we can guide you through various financing options to help make your dream pool a reality within your budget.

We incorporate energy-efficient pumps, filters, and heating systems, and can advise on solar heating options and pool covers to reduce energy costs.

Regular maintenance includes monitoring chemical levels, cleaning, and equipment checks. We offer maintenance services and can educate you on routine upkeep.

Absolutely, we specialize in custom pool designs. Whether you envision a classic rectangular pool or something uniquely shaped to fit your landscape, we can bring your vision to life.

Simply contact us for an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your ideas, assess your site, and begin the design process tailored to your preferences and needs.


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Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Account Executive

Betty Garmendina

Betty has been part of our team since February 2020. She oversees new accounts and works along side our service manager managing the bids and schedule for the repair department. She is also the receiver of our website and Yelp inquiries. Originally from Mexico, she can help our customers in English and Spanish. She has lived in Marin County for 30 years. In her spare time, she loves driving the countryside enjoying the scenery with her daughter. As a dog, and animal lover in general, she gives back to her community by fostering dogs in need. She is passionate about maintaining her friendships with her girlfriends and sees that as both empowering and fulfilling.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Senior Service Technician

George Wallace

George Wallace- George has been with Marin Pool Service since April of 2019. He is one of our Senior Service Technicians with over 20 years of experience. He truly cares about each one of his accounts. He and his beautiful wife live in Marin. He is passionate about family and helping others.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Pool Service Technician

Zach Zastrow

Zach has been a pool service technician with Marin Pool Service since May of 2022. He learned the ropes quickly and is a very thorough technician with attention to detail and really cares about his clients, and their pets. He Loves traveling, road trips and going to music shows. Enjoys outdoor activities, hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing and of course swimming! Originally from Nebraska I’ve lived in Marin for over 15 years.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Pool Service Tech

Jorge Salazar Bernal

Jorge has been with since July 2020. He is a pool service technician. He is reliable and dependable. He and his wife live in Novato in their recently purchased Condo. He is a musician, a surfer, swims year round and loves to travel. He is currently taking English classes. He doesn’t like raisins.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Resident Spa Expert

Mike Watson

Mike has been with Marin Pool Service since February 2016. He is a valued part of our repair team, and he is our resident Spa Expert, diagnosing and fixing portable spas. He does pool equipment installations and repairs as well. He likes to go camping, fishing, and photography with my pup, Maxine (Max).

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Senior Pool Route Technician

Jane Ciuchta – Hired 2015

Jane came to Marin Pool Service with 6 years of experience as a pool route technician. She is very conscientious and cares and always goes the extra mile not only for the customer, but also for the team. She oversees the receiving and organization of all our inventory and keep the shop yard in tip top shape. She is a very private person who lives in the country with chickens and wild animals.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Pool Repair and Construction

Bruce Muir – Hired 2020

Bruce spent 30 years as a house painter. His attention to detail in second to none. He has apprenticed under David Metzger and has quickly learned many aspects of the trade. He is a huge asset to our team. He is a single parent to a wonderful daughter and in his spare time enjoys anything outdoors and especially the beach and is a Giants fan.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Operations/Service Manager

David-Metzger – Hired 2014

David started in the pool business as a summer job in high school and continued during college, when the birth of his first child changed his education plans, he chose to continue his career in the pool industry. In the decades of his career, he has been involved in all aspects of the industry including safety, automatic pool covers, pool construction, pool service, repair, and remodeling.

He has 4 grown children that he is extremely proud of and spends time with regularly. He enjoys giving back to the community through various volunteer organizations. He is an avid scrabble player, a daily wordle and crossword solver, loves to read and enjoys documentaries.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Route Manager

Robin Clarke – Hired 2019

Robin came to Marin Pool Service almost 5 years ago as a route technician and has since turned it into her passion. She’s dedicated to healthy water chemistry. Since becoming route manager, she has spear headed switching our service pools to the Orenda program after trying it with much success for a year on the pools on her route. In her spare time, she has a passion for watercolor painting, being outdoors, flowers, clouds, and animals of every kind.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Customer Service

Maddi Davidson – Hired 2022

Maddi had 4 years of customer service experience when she joined the team at Marin Pool Service. She is on the front lines answering the phones, texts, and emails. She is also tasked with handling the schedules and work notes from all the service technicians as well as the acting liaison between the technicians and customers. She is a multi-tasker and a go getter. She is passionate about her dog Kona and family.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Senior Pool Route Technician

John Albachten – Hired 2015

John came to Marin Pool Service with a vast knowledge of pool chemistry from his time as manager of Leslie’s Pool Supply. He not only has a route but is responsible for the “start-up” of our new service accounts making sure water chemistry is on point, pool sweep, and equipment are in good working order, cleaning the filter all in preparation to hand off to the weekly service technician. John is a team player and is often the “go to” call for new technicians he has trained. Besides his vast knowledge, he is friendly, humorous, approachable, and well-liked by all his clients and co-workers. In his spare time, he enjoys live music, photography, the outdoors, and is always willing to help a friend in need.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Pool Technician

Jay Bergmann – Hired 2023

Jay is new to the industry but has jumped in and is eager to learn more about the pool industry. He has been in the construction field and can think on his feet. He is a fun, athletic person who loves the beach, plays music, and works on cars. He is a people person and helps in his community.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Summer Venegas – Hired 2017

Summer was born and raised in Marin County. She currently resides in Novato with her husband, daughter, her dog Annie, and fish Cupcake. She has a long history of working with and helping grow family-owned companies. She is very familiar with the service industry and customer support and connection is one of her strengths. During her free time, she loves travelling with family and friends, volunteering in her community and spending time outdoors.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Office Manager

Rebecca Jones – Hired 2015

Rebecca was born and raised in San Anselmo. After a 2 year sailing adventure in her 20’s, she settled back in Marin in Novato where she owned a restaurant for 10 years. When that partnership dissolved, she moved into retail management. It wasn’t until Marin Pool Service that she really found her work home and her stride. She came in with strong customer service skills and jumped right into learning the pool industry both on the business and service side and now has an abundance of knowledge and experience.

She has a daughter who is in college at University of Nevada Reno with whom she is very close to. She is a trail runner, hiker, works out regularly, and loves to cook healthy food. She gives back to her community through mentoring other women.

Meet Our Team - Marin Pool Service

Operations/Service Manager

Jane Doe – Hired 2014

Jane started in the pool business as a summer job in high school and continued during college; when the birth of his first child changed his education plans, he chose to continue his career in the pool industry. In the decades of his career, he has been involved in all aspects of the industry, including safety, automatic pool covers, pool construction, pool service, repair, and remodeling.