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Why hire a pool service?

Having a pool requires a lot of work and time for weekly maintenance. After installation the real work begins of chemical testing, proper filtration and pool equipment maintenance. Hiring a weekly pool professional helps alleviate the worry in proper chemical usage, frees up your valuable time to spend with family and helps extend your pool investment by using proper maintenance procedures.

Do I need a pool service in the winter?

We strongly recommend keeping your pool professional through the winter months. Due to our milder climate some clients continue to use and heat their pool and hot tub year round! Clients will end up spending more money in chemicals and labor to get a pool from "green to clean" than in keeping their pool service yearly.

How often should I change my hot tub water?

Hot tub water needs to be changed regularly and we recommend every three months of usage. Hot tub's have a small body of water and are sensitive to a variety of factors such as proper sanitization levels, bather load, filtration time and temperature, etc. Changing your water regularly adds to the clarity, cleanliness and overall enjoyment of your hot tub.

How long should I run my pool filter?

The goal is to get complete water turnover every 24 hours. In the summer with warmer water temperatures, turnover is critical in reducing water problems. We recommend setting your filter on average in the summer for 8 to 10 hours and reducing that time in the winter between 4 and 6 hours.

How often should I clean my filter?

Each pool is different due to bather loads, pool size, amount of debris around the pool and general maintenance. On average pool filters need to be cleaned twice a year and we recommend cleaning the hot tub filter with every drain and clean.

How do I winterize my pool?

We recommend removing the tab floater and resetting your pool filtration and cleaner time clocks. Also, turning off the heater if the pool is not in use and making sure the solar is off and properly drained to avoid damage. An algaecide such as a polyquot should be added.

What are the benefits of a variable speed pump?

Variable speed pumps address two important issues for a pool owner which is expense and noise of filter pump operation. Variable speed pumps are designed to run at low speeds providing longer filtration times at a much lower expense and noise level. Think of your single speed pump as consuming on average 24 light bulbs of electricity and your variable speed pump as consuming about 1. Energy costs aren't getting any cheaper and customers will on average make up their investment in about a year and a half of operation.

What are the benefits of a salt pool?

One of the biggest advantages for salt water pools is comfort! Salt being a mineral feels better on the skin and eyes and results in much better swim experience. Customers will also save money in reduced chlorine usage since a salt pool produces its own chlorine on a consistent basis.